A selection of some web design, including redesigned websites, fun interactives and longform stories, made for Money magazine's website. All projects were designed to be responsive, sometimes designed mobile first, using either Sketch or Adobe XD for design and InVision or Zeplin for presentation.

Best Colleges 2017, franchise redesign

A full redesign of a previous section of Money's website to compliment their 'Best Colleges" website. Tasked with solving design problems like 700 profile pages, a customizable interactive and sortable tables. Roughly one million page views from launch in 2017. See it here: http://time.com/money/best-colleges/rankings/best-colleges/ The design will be used again in 2018. 

Best Places to Live, franchise redesign

Redesigned a previous section of Money.com for their 'Best Places to Live' franchise in partnership with realtor.com. Was tasked with creating a colorful, easy to navigate scrolling experience for the 100 places featured, as well as an interactive map of the United States. Roughly one million page views and template will be used again this year. See it here: http://time.com/money/collection/best-places-to-live-by-region-2017/

Help! I want a Career Makeover, longform

I designed a special feature that compliments one that ran in print of three people and their career makeovers. See it here at


Best Places to Travel in 2016 franchise, longform

Using sliding tabs I designed a longform piece for Money's list of the best domestic and international destinations for 2016. See it here: http://time.com/money/page/money-best-in-travel-2016/

The Best Cellphone Plans for You, interactive

Designed both the print feature and this special interactive using the same illustrations used in print to find the best cell phone plan for you. Find it inside of the article here: http://time.com/money/4807786/best-cell-phone-plan-2017/

Find the Right Vacation for You, interactive

I designed as well as commisioned illustrations from Gabriel Silveira for a quick turnover interactive on finding the perfect spot to vacation. See it inside the article here: http://time.com/money/5187748/best-in-travel-2018-vacation-tool/

Find the Right Vacation for Your Budget, interactive

As an addition to the release of Money's Best in Travel 2016 I worked with the editor to create and design a vacation deal finder. Check out the tool here: http://time.com/money/4251473/find-trip-vacation-budget-tool-best-in-travel-2016/?iid=sr-link1

Inside the Finances of an Olympian, longform

I designed a feature online about an Olympian and his finances. See it here: http://time.com/money/page/road-back-from-rio-olympics/?xid=homepage

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