PARENTS | 2019-2022

During the time my team and I worked on Parents the digital branding was focused around being playful, bold and friendly. The brand's mission was to provide trustworthy advice and a supportive community as parents raise the next generation of confident and compassionate kids. 

Examples of Brand Identity below.

Creative Director, 2021-2022
Sr. Art Director, 2019-2021

Awards + Nominations
2022 Folio Eddie Award, Winner, Teens are in a Mental Health Crisis—Here's How Parents Can Help

2021 Folio Eddie Award, Winner, Anti-Racist Curriculum: How to Talk to Your Kids About Black History

2021 Folio Eddie Award, Winner, Project Mental (Un)Load: We Need to Talk About the Unspoken Burdens of Parenthood

2020 Folio Eddie Award, Nominee, American Birth Story: Maternal Health is a Public Health Crisis, Here's Why

Pride Content Program | 2021

Sample of some of the designs the Design team created photo background for editorial stories feature art and social quotes focused around Pride month.

Photo Art

Social Identity

Illustrations + Infographics