HEALTH | 2019-2022

During the years my team worked on the audience was targeted to millennial women to inspire, empower, encourage and educate on all aspects of health geared to improve her quality of life. The brand design was constructed to be approachable, informative, inclusive and warm.

Examples of brand identity below.

Creative Director, 2021-2022
Sr. Art Director, 2019-2021

Awards + Nominations
Folio Digital Award Finalist: Digital Archive – Health Condition Center

2021 Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards, Winner, What COVID-19 Exposed About Getting Sick in America—and the Path Forward

2020 Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards, Winner, Diet Culture in the Age of Body Positivity

Digital Archive: Conditions Center

Banner illustations done by team and site art created by brand's photo team using the brand palette and style guide we set.

Social Identity

My team created branded designs across social platforms Instagram and Pinterest. I worked with stakeholders to scale requests by creating templates and a large Adobe library of illustrations.

Below selected work created by team and myself

Video & Photoshoots

My team created the headline logo, lower thirds and other graphics for video series, providing the internal video team editable files and style guides.

Selection of work created by team and myself

Photo Art

Commerce and Story Photo Templates created by team used for production by visual editor teams.

Design done by team

Editorial Packages 

What Covid-19 Exposed About Getting Sick in America

Editor: Dara Kapoor | Art Direction: Myself | Design: Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong, Yeji Kim, Emma Darvick | Visual Editors: Alex Sandoval and Jo Imperio

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